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Leak testers

Leak testes are powerful testing instruments which are used for finding leaks in products, compartments or objects that need to be air tight and liquid tight. This can be relevant for  engines, valves, cylinders or machine compartments where quality and reliability are very important.

How does a leak tester work?

A professional leak tester works by means of air in a vacuum or over-pressure. This testing method is fast, easy, reliable and besides the most price worthy method opposite to traditional leak testers.  Traditional Leak testers use e.g. water or oil to execute measurements. These instruments take more time and they get wet or dirty.

Leak testers are perfect instruments to lower your costs and improve the constant quality of your products. Using leak testers in a production environment means that possible product failures are revealed as early as possible. Companies that use leak testers experience less rework and get fewer reclamations from their customers. A perfect tool for your quality image! And what about the environment? Structural leak testing means that less products will spoil chemical liquids or oil in a later stage.

Leak testers can be used for a wide range of products that contain liquid, air or gases, such as water, oil, petrol, Freon or Glycol. Branches to which leak testing can be crucial are automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, packaging, air condition components, machine builders, casting, etc.

Choosing your leak testing method

Choosing the right leak testing method is important for fast and reliable test results. In a leak test centre companies can explore and try different methods on their products under supervision of experts. On the bases of these test a leak tester can be purchased or rented.

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