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Leak detection

In practice leak detection offers companies a method to guarantee products or parts to be air tight or liquid tight. Structural leak detection saves money and avoids unnecessary product failure and complaints. Equipment used for leak detection can be rented for incidental usage or can be purchased for repetitive testing in e.g. a production environment.

Leak detection equipment

How to choose the right method or device for your leak detection? There are different methodologies and devices and each one of them has its own features to define the degree of leakage.  Using the latest technology, leaks can be detected in a wide variety of circumstances and the measurements are very accurate. This is a distinct contrast to conventional trial-and-error methods of leak detection. Finding the exact location of a leak means that a precise repair can reassure the products quality.

Leak detectors are divided in two groups. The first group is helium and hydrogen leak detectors, the second group is refrigerant gases leak detectors. A digital leak detector shows both quantitative numeric measurement values as well as graphical leak indications. A combination of 3 different sensors enable a whole new level of accuracy.

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