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Industrial Helium leak detector

What makes an industrial helium leak detector? Helium leak detection instruments are used in production environments where product reliability is crucial. Using helium under an overpressure of vacuum even the smallest leaks can be detected.

Industrial applications of Helium leak tests

Testing products on leaks is very important for many  production companies because even the smallest leak can affect the product's safety and performance. There are many types of products that will be less reliable if they contain a leak, but at the same time no object can be 100% tight.

Helium leak tests do not affect the products itself which makes the method very suitable for standard testing in a process or a production environment. In general there are two ways of approaching helium leak testing. Is the testing used to determine if there is a leak in general, or is it used to localize the leak as well? In some situations the determination of the general leak is done first, afterward a localisation might be attempted but is not always possible.

Industrial helium leak testers are capable of very accurate leak testing, leak localisation and determination of the leak rate. Most products cannot be 100% tight, so the question is what can be tolerated? This depends in many occasions of the business / branch that the products or objects will be applied in.

Using industrial leak detectors leak rates down to 2×10-6 mbar.l/s can be detected and objects can be examined during their operation. Industrial detectors are mobile and offer a fast and accurate measurement within less than one second. Both objects with vacuum or overpressure can be examined.

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