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Gas leak detector

A gas leak detector is the perfect instrument for the localisation of a leak in a product or part. The gas leak detector uses a tracer gas that is injected in the part to be tested. That is why it is called a gas leak detector. Depending on the part to be tested, different tracer gases can be used such as helium, hydrogen or refrigerant gases.

Working with the gas leak detector

Once the tracer gas is injected into the compartment, the gas leak detector is moved all the way around the product. When the gas leaks through the product, the gas leak detector will notify you and will locate the leak. In some industries parts are already filled with refrigerants e.g. R-22, R-134a, R-404a, etc. For these products a refrigerant gas leak detector can be used to instantly detect and locate leaks without inserting a specific tracer gas.

In addition to leak detection, leak testing can be added to the testing process. Leak testing will quantify the leakage. In other words, how big is the leakage and is the leak within the specifications. To be able to comply with quality standard most testing equipment is to be verified and calibrated. Therefore gas leak detectors can be connected to a control leak device that can verify the accuracy of the testing equipment.

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